Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Marco Polo turns an Android device into a video walkie-talkie

Joya Communications

Marco Polo turns an Android device into a video walkie-talkie. This communication app allows users to text, photo and video chat with ease through a private, secure interface.

The app connects people from all over the world in real-time instead of promoting advertisements or pushing for likes and comments. It only brings together people who already know each other's mobile phone numbers.

In Marco Polo, an Android user can start a video call at any time with one person or a group of people. If they're not in a place suited for face-to-face interactions, they can send messages or photos. The app also supplies fun stickers, emoticons and other filters to add to content. Users can even use a built-in paint palette tool to add notes or artwork to chat messages.

The app also offers users the opportunity to sort old video chats by topics. A user can find their favorite chats with ease. They can speed up or slow down the video to bypass or watch particular parts as well.

Although Marco Polo doesn't collect data for marketing purposes, it does back up user data to the cloud so that users can always access their content without putting a strain on their phone's storage resources.

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