Workday provides Android users with access to work-related information

Workday, Inc.

Workday provides Android users with access to work-related information. A manager or worker using an Android device can use the Workday application to add and review work details.

A user can receive notifications about upcoming important tasks that can be seen in a calendar view and take specific actions related to those tasks. They can clock in and out of work during their schedule, review, request or administer time off, and even check previous and upcoming payments and payslips.

The Workday app allows users to browse through a company's directory and review worker profiles. There is also a feedback option.

Managers can use the Workday app on their Android device to perform administrative and evaluation actions, such as change a worker's job, provide performance reviews, make compensation changes and schedule upcoming meetings.

The app also helps users review monitoring and tracking reports and dashboards that supply insight into different areas of the company and management and worker actions.

Workday protects users from losing their data during hacking and other theft scenarios by only supplying access to the app via a fingerprint scan.

Workday, Inc. warns users that some mobile features might not be available to everyone. An organization can enable and disable features based on their employee's position and security level. Some features aren't available on mobile devices at all.

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