WordPad for Android is a black background text editor

Writing & Notes
Black Carbon

WordPad for Android is a black background text editor. Developed under the Black Carbon label, WordPad for Android allows users to create text documents on black instead of white backgrounds. Text is featured in white or gray.

The minimal interface has been designed to provide users with more space to create and edit text. As with a white background version of WordPad, Android users can perform any document creation task, including take notes, make To Do lists and even edit text files created in other programs. The app also has an optional auto-save and spell-check features. With spellcheck, a user can review a list of alternative words and spelling options, change the spelling of a word quickly, add a word to the dictionary or delete a word entirely. There are also a variety of character set encoding options available.

Users can view their text in a Full Screen mode. They can also personalize the app at any time with a custom theme. They can share text documents both inside and outside of it with other people as well.

This WordPad for Android app can handle files up to 10 MB. It also provides a user with access to a history of recent documents.

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