Vysor - Android Control on PC

Vysor - Android Control on PC

The Vysor app shares an Android device with a PC


The Vysor app shares an Android device with a PC. This mirror app allows an Android device user to connect, view, use and manage their device separately on a computer.

They can share the Android screen for simple viewing, use specific applications and even play games. They can interact with their Android device using their computer's keyboard and mouse as well.

Vysor - Android Control on PC makes it easy for home and business users to share content from their Android devices for presentations on computer monitors, meeting screens and whiteboards.

It also makes remote tech support for Android devices easier. A user merely needs to make a cable or wireless connection and follow the app's easy-to-follow onscreen prompts. Once a connection is established, the tech support representative can remote-access the device and conduct troubleshooting and repair services.

This application was also designed for developers who are frustrated with using emulators for their creations. Developers can connect an actual Android device to their computers and effortlessly experiment or test and debug applications as much as they desire.

Lastly, Vysor can show an Android device screen on a computer screen, monitor or other display in either horizontal or vertical orientation modes.

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