VSee gives Android users a secure video-conferencing communication platform

VSee Lab, Inc.

VSee gives Android users a secure video-conferencing communication platform. They can make person-to-person and four-way group calls on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks without dealing with the hassle of disruptive ads. They can also communicate over instant messages.

This mobile app has a simple user interface and clear features. Users can talk or chat with ease. They can share a wide range of content, including saved files in a variety of formats and screen captures. It also allows them to switch between their front and back cameras with the push of a button.

In four-way group video chat, VSee users can see all other members of their group in real-time at one time during social gatherings and work meetings. This feature makes the experience feel more like a face-to-face event.

The VSee app has been designed to integrate with Telehealth and other applications related to videoconferencing. It provides high end-to-end encryption to prevent eavesdropping and hacking. It also requires little bandwidth to help users limit their data usage and reduce costs.

VSee is not only available to consumers. Small, medium and large businesses rely upon it for secure communication. It is also used by members of the United States Congress.

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