TV Cast (C)

TV Cast (C)

Video & TV Cast is a streaming app for Android

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Video & TV Cast is a streaming app for Android. The app is designed to help Android users upgrade their Chromecast Player functionality and control and manage their streaming options. It only works with Chromecast and a Google Cast device.

Users can browse, select and stream a wide range of online content. They can view high-definition content from IPTV, live stream events, live television, online movies, web videos and more with ease on big screen TVs and other Chromecast-capable devices. A user merely needs to use the app to access content and then send it via an in-app link to Chromecast.

It is important to note that this app does not support DRM-protected videos from Google Play, Amazon, Netflix, HBO and other sources like IPTV and live streams. It also doesn't support Flash videos.

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