Spider Solitaire Free

Spider Solitaire Free

Spider Solitaire Free provides free Solitaire game play on Android

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Spider Solitaire Free provides free Solitaire game play on Android. This app offers offline portable play on the go.

It features two decks and a variety of high-definition card and tabletop images so users can customize their game experiences. The layout of Spider Solitaire Free changes automatically to portrait or landscape mode based on the user's device settings. Various screen sizes are also supported on different types of Android devices.

A user can select one, two or four suits at any given time for easy-to-challenging game play. They can turn on glow and sound effects. They can also enhance play by displaying a timer.

The game play involves 10 vertical groupings of cards arranged from left to right. Four groupings feature six cards per set. The remainder has five cards per set. The goal of the game is to reduce the entire pile. Cards are moved by touch into different positions. Users can also use an "Undo" button to correct mistakes as they play. They can save a game for the future as well.

Unlike many Spider Solitaire apps, this specific app takes user preferences into account by offering to deal from the left or right side of the screen.

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