The app is a portable competition game for Android

Lowtech Studios

The app is a portable competition game for Android. A user plays against other users and the game's AI in real-time to see who can grow their worm as large as possible. They must eat brightly colored, fluorescent balls without being destroyed by other worms.

All players try to reach the same balls. If the head of one worm touches another worm, then the first player can no longer compete in the game because their worm explodes. The other worms then eat the remains of the dead one to increase their size.

The size of another player's worm doesn't matter when trying to destroy it except that eating the remains of larger worms can help players with smaller worms increase the size of their worms faster. A player merely needs to trick other players into butting the heads of their worms into any part of their worm by swerving its body in front of them.

During game play, the app shows each player the length of their worm and their rank as compared to other worms.

The Slither-io game app doesn't include a soundtrack. As a result, all game play is silent. Android users must play their own music in a background app or on another device.

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