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Seesaw Parent

Seesaw Parent gives parents remote access to their child's classwork

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Seesaw Parent gives parents remote access to their child's classwork. This app allows a parent to see their child's classwork in photo, drawing and video formats remotely on their Android smartphone via a digital portfolio system. Features are designed to help parents connect with their children and show that they're interested in the progress their children make in school. This tool gives a parent the ability to stay up-to-date with their child's daily classroom activities when they might otherwise be unable to discuss them with their child after school.

A parent signs up for this system by scanning a QR code provided by the teacher. After a child posts work from a particular class to the portfolio, their parent/parents receive a notification about the post. A parent can arrange to receive notifications as a digest instead of individual alerts and review old posts via folder and calendar formats as well. A ZIP file of the child's entire journal is also available at any time.

A parent can then respond to their child with a "Like" and by leaving text and voice comments and captions. Multilingual parents can leave translated comments and captions instead of English ones. Seesaw Parent supports more than 50 languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese.

The digital portfolio is secure and considered a safe space for both children and the adults who receive access to it. Parents also receive private messages from teachers through the Seesaw Parent system. They can conduct conversations about posted work with teachers and receive alerts about future assignments, homework and school events.

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