Puffin Web Browser Free

Puffin Web Browser Free

Puffin Web Browser is a fast Android device internet browser

CloudMosa, Inc.

Puffin Web Browser is a fast Android device internet browser. Users can access the internet at faster-than-normal speeds because the app uses cloud server support via Adobe-Flash-Over-Cloud for webpage resource demands.

Puffin Web Browser encrypts all traffic to protect users against hacking incursions and outside monitoring. It has been designed for both secure and non-secure public Wi-Fi networks. It also compresses data using a proprietary algorithm so that users can save their bandwidth while browsing online.

It offers high quality definition for all graphics and a Theater Mode for Flash games and videos. Browser content can be displayed in either desktop or mobile views.

Puffin Web Browser offers a virtual keyboard, mouse and game pad to make onscreen movements smooth, fast and efficient. Custom color themes for the browser's sidebar and toolbar are also available.

Users who need privacy can select an "incognito" tab that auto-cleans their browsing activities from the app at the end of a browsing session. They can also set the browser to automatically block pop-up windows.

This app is not allowed to be used in some schools within the United States. It is also blocked in some countries, including China, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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