Plants vs. Zombies FREE

Plants vs. Zombies FREE

Plants vs


Plants vs. Zombies free version is a popular tower defense game. In fact, it is perhaps the most popular tower defense game ever made, and the free version available for Android provides a great deal of enjoyment at no cost. Why is this game so fun and addictive? The concept is very simple. You prevent slow-moving zombies from invading your home with the help of various vegetables and fruits that grow in your front yard.

The concept of plants fighting zombies is amusing, and the cartoon art and music add to the fun and humorous atmosphere of the game. Not only is it a great-looking game with an entertaining musical score, but the challenge of defeating the zombies with a wide variety of plant combat abilities provides great gameplay. When basic zombies are shambling one at time at a slow pace, your pea shooters can take them down. If the zombies come at you in greater numbers, you can deploy cherry bombs or place "wall nuts" in their path to slow them down. There are dozens of enemies and tactics that provide a good variety of challenges and solutions. If you are looking for a good mixture of comedy, problem solving and action, you can't go wrong with this game.

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