Notepad is a note creator and editor for Android devices


Notepad is a note creator and editor for Android devices. This mobile note-taking app gives users the ability to quickly jot down their thoughts, feelings and other notes while on the go.

In the Notepad app, an Android user can write a quick reminder, study notes or an entire shopping list. They can also go beyond this functionality and create notes that contain vibrant colored and textured drawings and paintings, stunning photos, clear sound recordings and high quality video content. In any note, the user can erase anything they do with ease and undo their previous actions, as needed. Notepad makes it possible for the user to customize their notes in any color. They can also customize the tools they use to create notes, such as the brush size and saturation or color transparency in painting notes.

Notepad offers an auto-save feature that backs up all notes to an SD card to prevent loss of content from accidental app shutdown. Users can find previously saved notes via a user-friendly, in-app search feature or by opening a Notepad storage folder on their device. They can edit the names of note files as well.

Notepad also supplies an Android user with full password protection.

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