Lexia Core5

Lexia Core5

Lexia Core 5 is a new literacy improvement program for Android

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Lexia Core 5 is a new literacy improvement program for Android. Lexia Core 5 aims to enhance a young child’s English language skills by incorporating animations, sounds, and games into the learning process. Children who use it have their attention drawn in by the colorful artwork and engaging sounds, which not only entertain them, but also helps their developing brains obtain better knowledge retention. The program provides incentives and prizes just like winning a game, meaning your child will have fun and learn a valuable life skill at the same time.

Lexia Core 5’s web-based version has already seen tremendous success in schools across America because of its technology-based approach to learning. With the addition of the Android version, teachers now have even more options to help their students develop the critical speaking, reading, and writing skills they will need to advance academically for the rest of their lives. Anyone with a child that may have some road bumps in their learning – or even just wanting to provide a greater head start – should check out Lexia Core 5 for Android.

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