JW Library

JW Library

JW Library offers Android users literature about Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses

JW Library offers Android users literature about Jehovah's Witnesses. This app is the official mobile Jehovah's Witnesses' library. It contains a wide variety of translations of the Bible. It also provides Bible study content in brochure, workbook, audio and video formats.

An Android user from a member or scholarly background can read the Bible or another publication by simply swiping to the left or right of the screen. The app's search feature can help them quickly find a section of the Bible or another publication with one or more keywords. The app also features content by categories, such as Favorites, Teaching Toolbox and What's New.

JW Library makes it possible for a user to compare the different Bible translations as well by simply selecting a verse number onscreen. They can effortlessly find and review associated materials by interacting with footnote markers and reference letters. For future reference purposes, a user can also bookmark a chapter or verse or access a Frequently Used history category that shows their most recently read content.

The app provides updates about a user's past interactions with it. A header displays the date and a message about the user's recent actions. It also tells them about upcoming meetings.

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