IP Webcam

IP Webcam

IP Webcam turns an Android device into an internet camera

Version (aarch64)
Pavel Khlebovich

IP Webcam turns an Android device into an internet camera. This app makes it possible for an Android owner to use their device's built-in camera as an internet one for surveillance and other uses.

Android users can view the live-streamed or recorded footage via an internet browser or VLC media player. They can stream audio and video within a Wi-Fi network without accessing the internet as well.

The app also allows users to make and share video recordings. Supported file formats include WAV, Opus, ACC, WebM, MDV and MPEG4 on Android 4.1 and newer systems, respectively. With a Filoader plugin, users can upload recordings to various locations, including email clients and Dropbox. Every recording features the date, time and device battery level as an overlay on the footage.

IP Webcam works with third-party MJPEG programs and devices, including audio players, video surveillance software and security monitors. Two-way audio is supported on other Android devices via the tinyCam Monitor remote-surveillance app. Instant online global access to content is available through Ivideon cloud broadcasting.

The app offers night vision and motion-detection features with a sound trigger that prompts immediate recording of a wide range of events, including activities by criminals, children and pets. It also offers cloud push notifications and motion-triggered event records.

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