IMEI unlocker

IMEI unlocker

IMEI Unlocker helps an Android smartphone user unlock their device


IMEI Unlocker helps an Android smartphone user unlock their device. Also known as Network Unlock, this is the official paid service-related app for Android devices.

The app offers an easy step-by-step process made possible via integrated functionality between the app and the site. It asks a user to select their phone's manufacturer and cellular service carrier from lists of options. The user must then place an order for the service and pay for it within the app with PayPal via the PayPal Android app or a debit or credit card with a scan of the card. Once a user's order is approved by the service, they're then rapidly provided with an IMEI number via text and email messages.

IMEI Unlocker provides the user with an onscreen application dashboard order tracking tool that displays estimated delivery time. It also displays past orders, codes and instructions in a history log. If an order isn't found, the app issues an instant refund.

This app can also unlock Android phone SIM cards. If an Android phone, tablet or other device doesn't have a current unlocking service associated with it, a user can register to be notified if an unlock service ever becomes available in the future.

The IMEI Unlock app password also works on the website.

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