Healow allows patients to communicate with doctors via Android devices

eClinicalWorks LLC

Healow allows patients to communicate with doctors via Android devices. The app also supplies a wide range of additional medical record and health management services.

With this app, an Android user can find doctors in their region. They can book appointments instantly without having to endure the hassle of waiting on hold to reach a live person by phone. They can also receive alerts about upcoming appointments. A notification typically includes a QR code that they can scan for additional details.

Healow allows them to talk to their doctor on a video call during a televisit as well. During this type of virtual appointment, they can interact with their doctor in a way that's similar to a face-to-face appointment. Their device's camera and audio and video features are all that they need for communication.

A user can review their personal health record, vitals and lab results at any time. They can even schedule reminders about renewing their prescriptions and replacing over-the-counter medications.

Healow allows a user to create custom health goals and set up fitness trackers and reminders. These features help the user stay motivated. The patient can share their fitness, weight management and other successes with their physician with ease.

Users from the same family can also manage and review multiple accounts and health records as long as they've agreed to share their health data.

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