gDMSS Lite

gDMSS Lite

gDMSS Lite is a free version of the gDMSS Plus app for home or business surveillance

Zhejiang DAHUA Technology Co., Ltd

gDMSS Lite is a free version of the gDMSS Plus app for home or business surveillance. The app is entirely free to download and use, and it can perform many of the most important tasks associated with accessing and managing your surveillance system. It gives you the power to access everything you need through your Android mobile device, and you can view live surveillance camera footage complete with crystal clear audio. You can also alter certain settings and find out if any alarms have been triggered.

The app will send you alerts whenever something needs your attention, like unexpected motion on the surveillance cameras or a triggered window or door alarm. The app supports PTZ Control, and it gives you the ability to take complete control of your smart-home's security system from anywhere with an internet connection.

This version of the app allows you to change your country and area signature, and it gives you a country recommendation automatically. Several bugs have been fixed, and you can now set up gateway devices directly through the app. These are just a few of the advanced functions found in the gDMSS Lite software, and even more functionality can be found in the full version.

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