EZVIZ allows people to control and manage EZVIZ security cameras


EZVIZ allows people to control and manage EZVIZ security cameras. This app for Android devices works with EZVIZ digital video recorders, network video recorders and cloud-based cameras remotely from anywhere around the world as long as the user has a mobile connection.

Users can view lives camera streams in high definition on their phones and see content filmed in the dark via camera infrared lights. They can also play back previously recorded videos saved to an SD card, DVR, NVR or EZVIZ CloudPlay.

The EZVIZ Android app gives users the ability to set up and customize motion-detection zones and each detector's level of sensitivity. They can control instant motion-detection security alert notifications and receive and manage remotely alert notifications to shut off alarms and contact authorities. They can also schedule non-motion recordings to acquire content via the cameras that isn't related to security, such as recordings of special events like birthday and wedding parties.

This app provides users with a single tool to even manage other smart home and business devices. A user can initiate two-way audio capability for devices that support it. They can also share access and control of devices and recordings with family members, friends and others.

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