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PDF Reader

PDF Reader allows Android device owners to read PDF files

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PDF Reader allows Android device owners to read PDF files. On an Android phone, tablet or other device, a user can collect and load a PDF with ease and then view the document page-to-page in several ways. They can turn on automatic transitioning. They can manually use a slider bar to move horizontally from one page to the next. They can also scroll vertically with their fingertip. They can even view multiple pages in a grid format and simply click on the next page they want to review.

The PDF Reader for Android also allows the user to search the PDF document based on one or more keywords. As they review pages, they can highlight sections of text to stand out for their own reference or as points to note when sharing the document with one or more other people. They can also add comments with easy-to-reference titles.

As with other types of PDF readers, this app allows a user to zoom in and out to make reading easier. PDF Reader though is unique because it allows the user to adjust document brightness as well.

A user doesn't have to worry about page orientation when rotating their Android device. They can turn it off as needed.

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