ClassDojo connects teachers, students and parents in a classroom community

Education & Languages

ClassDojo connects teachers, students and parents in a classroom community. This free school communication app works on all Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.

It creates a virtual environment to open up communication between teachers and students in a school's many classrooms. It also provides each student with a digital portfolio where they can share their classwork with their parents throughout the day. All users receive a secure code when they initially sign up for this service. When a parent receives notifications about their child's posts, they can then review the classwork in a secure fashion remotely at home, work or elsewhere at any time.

ClassDojo also allows teachers and other school staff members to stream and share photos and videos with parents. Staff members can make announcements about upcoming homework and classroom and school events.

Communication between teachers and parents is another key function with this K-12 classroom app. An instant messaging feature makes it possible for teachers to communicate in a quick and efficient way with a child's parent or guardian. Teachers can also update a student's posts to reflect that a student has shown excellence with a particular skill or needs assistance with problem areas, such as being unprepared or talking out in class.

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