CCleaner helps people free up resources on Android devices


CCleaner helps people free up resources on Android devices. This app gives a user the ability to quickly and efficiently speed up their Android device by cleaning its RAM and finding and removing junk data and unused apps and other files. A user can also clean browser history, clipboard content and download folders.

This app comes with special system monitoring tools. A user can set it up to regularly analyze device space with the built-in Storage Analyzer tool and then optimize the space as needed. The Storage Analyzer can even tell the user the names of specific apps that consume the most data and drain the device battery.

CCleaner also provides an overview of the amount of storage space used by all apps and the amount that can be restored through cleaning. It displays storage usage in categories, including Applications, Pictures, Video, Audio and Files. The app's monitoring feature also intermittently checks the CPU usage, battery level and battery temperature.

Lastly, this app features two extra tools designed to speed up an Android device: The first one, Task Killer, stops unnecessary tasks and cleans the internal memory afterward. The second one, App Hibernation, puts unnecessary background apps into a sleep mode until the user needs them.

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