Bluetooth Pair

Bluetooth Pair

Bluetooth Pair automates pairing and connection processes between Bluetooth devices

Waylon Huang

Bluetooth Pair automates pairing and connection processes between Bluetooth devices. People who manually pair their Android devices with other Bluetooth-capable devices, such as headsets, audio speakers, sound systems, televisions and car speakers, often experience a lot of hassle while locating devices and connecting them. It can be an even greater hassle if they forget to switch back to the device they use the most after they're done.

This ad-supported app automatically connects a user's Android device with another Bluetooth-enabled device of their prearranged choice every time they activate the Bluetooth. A user simply needs to schedule the connection by choosing the most frequently or recently connected device of their choice in the settings. The second device must be within range with Airplane Mode disabled on both devices for the process to work.

Users can customize the app's interface with one of five unique theme colors. A paid Pro version of this app without ads is also available. The app has been designed to display translations in Spanish, German and Traditional Mandarin Chinese.

A user might need to refresh Bluetooth Pair now and then to locate a device. Additionally, they might need to turn off the Bluetooth on both devices and then turn it on again to make the connection.

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