Alexa is an assistant and management app for Android smartphones

Amazon Mobile LLC

Alexa is an assistant and management app for Android smartphones. It allows users to control their Amazon Alexa devices with ease.

With Alexa, an Android user can request via voice commands that the app help them find and play particular books, music songs, playlists and radio stations, and other entertainment content. Music is available through Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify and TuneIn.

Users can add and manage their Echo devices and control other non-Amazon smart home devices as well. They can use their Echo devices to stream music to multiple rooms. They can check and set schedules for smart lights, thermostats and locks while in the comfort of their homes or when away.

Alexa also provides users with the ability to connect with family, friends and others in a variety of ways. Users can even use Alexa to set up their Echo devices as two-way intercoms.

The app helps Android smartphone users perform daily tasks. It can provide weather and news updates upon request or as scheduled notifications. It has alarm and other timer features. It allows users to review and edit shopping lists while out and about. The app even assists with sending emails and other types of messages.

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